Electrician (Duration : 2 Years)

1. S.S.L.C. pass or 10th standard pass under 10+2 system with good scores in science and Mathematics.

2. The candidate should have completed minimum of 14 years of age on the date of admission i.e. August 1, 2012.

Preference & Method of Selection

1. Basic essential qualification.

2. Rural Poor Youth (Women and Men).

3. State of Health.

4. First come first served basis.

5. No bad habits of smoking or consuming drugs, alcohol etc.


1) Selected candidates should hand over the following certificates :

     a) Original and a photocopy of the Transfer and Conduct Certificates from the institution last attended.

     b) Original and a photocopy of SSLC certificate and marks card.

     c) Photocopy of Proof of Address(Ration Card / Voter Registration Card etc)(Original will be returned to the student only when he / she leave Aadhar Private Industrial Traning Institute and after settlement of all dues.

2) Parents of trainees who do not reside in silao should nominate a responsible resident of Silao to be the trainee’s local guardian, who will accept full responsibility for the trainee’s good conduct and behavior, failing which he / she will not be allowed to attend classes till a guardian is nominated.